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Seems you are not at the right place

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Professional cordless clippers with USB charging. They have an adjustment lever and blades of excellent sharpness and quality

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Our professional cordless trimmers are ideal for perfect contouring, finishing and outlining

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Professional shaver for salon and personal care. Ideal for contouring, finishing and barbering

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Different types of blades to fit clippers and trimmers. They are made of resistant and durable materials that provide better quality

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Guide combs attach to the clipper and are designed to cut hair to a certain length. Guide combs help you achieve specific hairstyles

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Find a wide variety of supplies and accessories for your machines and salon: blades, guide combs, capes, spare parts, among others

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Tools that Enhances your talent

We are a team of professionals dedicated for years to beauty and personal care, providing high quality tools and technology to the stylist sector. Over time we have learned to understand and adapt to the needs of our clients and their users to achieve better beauty instruments with the highest performance

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Custom Line

Our best seller, now in stock: the FASTER Collection, up your game with the fastest way to style your hair. Start with the clipper, then go through the trimmer and finish with the shaver

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.ART is the right high-quality choice that opens up your creative possibilities with a fresh, professional touch. Join the bold and fun barber club with this unique collection

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Ultra King

The royalty of essentials in barbershops. Our exclusive set includes a cordless clipper, trimmer and shaver. The perfect toolbox for the discerning gentleman

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