Seems you are not at the right place

Seems you are not at the right place

About B-WAY

Our products for professional barbers and hairdressers and for home use meet the highest international certification standards.
We are a team of professionals dedicated for years to beauty and personal care providing high-quality tools and technology to the professional sector. Over time we learned to understand and adapt the needs of our clients and their users to achieve beauty instruments with the highest quality features. We offer professional tools available to all users in the market. Thanks to our approach, we offer high-performance products to professionals, stylists and home users, designed for the most demanding uses.
Our products are the result of the brand’s commitment to research and development of applied technologies.


The brand originated in the beauty salons of France. From its origins it was based on technological development, performance and the high quality of our materials. Since then, it has been inserted in different markets in Europe, the US and Latin America, even today we have the possibility of having local presence in South America. Our application motor technology (AMT) guarantees the use of our materials.



B-way in use